Community Aufruf! We did it: (T)raum!


Once upon a time there was a faraway land called Zwischenwelten. In this land, foxes and rabbits engage in erotic roleplay, unicorns and demons paired up to practice shibari, and friendly witches and evil fairies danced the night away. It is a land where your senses are heightened, making colors brighter and the taste of sweat saltier. Passerbies and travelers alike entered this world to introspect, connect and learn. They returned back into our society empowered and metamorphised, bringing more technicolor and magic into their encounters with those around them.


Diving into parallel worlds and exploring our bodies, hearts and minds requires awareness, information and trust. Our central aim is to empower you to trust your instincts, set your boundaries and dare to speak your wishes. We provide you with safer-er and undogmatic spaces to make your own experiences and explore the endless possibilities your body and mind have to offer.


We wish to actively dismantle the idea, that romantic or sexual love are more important than other human bonds and connections. This includes the idea of creating status through conventional attractiveness or sexual exploits. Our primary aim is to build community and form friendships, care, trust and knowledge transfer. Out of this foundation, an inclusive, sexpositive space can emerge, where everybody can follow their honest and fluid impulses towards how they wish to express themself; sexually and otherwise.


If nothing else required all our events take place in Zurich in our location (T)raum.


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