Demo Massageritual

Erotic massage rituals with penis or vulva massages
with Romaine und Silvan


The idea of this demo evening is to give you the possibility to witness live an erotic massage ritual, after a short theoretical introduction. There will be some time in the end to ask questions and to engage with the facilitators.


Giving and receiving an erotic massage is a wonderful way to feel new sensations and to awaken your body. It is also a great way to learn what you like and what you don’t like and how to express your needs and desires. By touching without intention, this massage invites all senses and takes you on a journey that connects your body, your mind and your soul together. You are seen as a whole. There is no “right way” to do an erotic massage. The key elements are slowness, presence, and the ability to listen to one’s body and to respect the body of the person in front of you.


If you feel like a demo is not enough hands-on for you, you can visit our 1-day workshop. The Infos for this Workshop you can find here. You don’t need any prior experience to come and join us for the workshop.


Date and Time
20.09.24 | 19-22


CHF 60


Wunderbare Räumlichkeit in der Stadt Zürich. Die genaue Adresse wird nach Anmeldung bekannt gegeben.


Der Workshop wird nach Bedarf auf Deutsch und/oder English angeleiten werden.


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