Erotic massage Introduction class

Erotic massage rituals with penis & vulva massages

with Romaine and Silvan


Massage rituals can help us to come out of our head and start feeling our body. It allows us to simply be and opens up a space for us to explore new sensations.


In a conscious ritual, we will learn to touch the entire body in a sensual and nourishing way. Within this safe space, you will be invited to dive deep into the relaxation and the pleasure that meditative and repetitive touch can offer, whether you’re giving or receiving the massage.


We will start the day by getting to know each other, as well as feeling into our desires, boundaries and needs, as this is essential to create a safe container and be able to fully appreciate the massage. Communication is key, and you will be encouraged to share how you want and don’t want your body to be touched. After a demo, you will be guided in both receiving and giving a massage.


The course is aimed to people that are interested in learning intimate massages. The intimate massage of the penis and vulva will be included in this class, and therefore nudity will be part of the day. You can however also enjoy the massage in your underwear (some strokes can also be done with underwear on), but simply be aware that they will be other people that will choose to be naked.


This course welcomes people of all gender and sexual orientation. Since we are going to be working in groups of two, registration can only be done in pairs.


FAQ down below!


Date and Time
21.09.24 | 10pm-7pm


CHF 140 pro Person und Workshop
Solipreis CHF 100
Gutverdienende, Vermögende* CHF 180


*Wer ist Vermögend?
Du kannst nach eigener Einschätzung entscheiden, wie viel Geld du beiträgst. Beim Preis für Gutverdienende oder Vermögende wenden wir uns dabei vor allem an die Menschen in der Community, die zwei oder mehr dieser Punkte erfüllen:
– du besitzt Anteile an einem Haus
– du hast Aktien, geerbtes Geld oder andere Wertschriften
– du kannst in deiner Freizeit reisen
– du kannst auf familiäre Ressourcen zurückgreifen, wenn nötig
– wenn du aufgrund deines Bildungsniveaus, von Privilegien im Bezug auf dein Geschlecht, deiner Ethnie, und/oder deiner Klassenzugehörigkeit über mehr Kapital verfügst, als weniger privilegierte Menschen.


Zurich (more info after registration)


The workshop will be offered in English and/or German, upon request from the participants.


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Do we do the workshop in one single, open space room?

Yes, we share one large single room with up to 20 participants. This may be an unusual setting for some people, as you may be witnessing other couples in the room engaging in massages – just as other people may be witnessing you. However, most participants describe the space as very safe and contained, mostly because each couple creates their own massage island without interacting with other people. Being part of a group while massaging only the partner you came with can create a relaxed and playful setting. As facilitators, we are there to hold the space for you and to support you whenever you feel challenged. All steps of the massage ritual are introduced, explained and/or demoed so you get a learning experience as comfortable and secure as possible.

Can I come with my gay / same sex partner?
Hell yes! We truly embrace all sexual orientations and gender identifications.


Can I come when I am on my period?
Yes, of course. The massage ritual will be designed to your personal needs and boundaries. By default, our introductory massage ritual will encompass only outer genital massages anyways. And anyhow, our workshops will absolutely respect your limits no matter what.


Will we be naked?
This depends on you and how you feel about it. Receiving a sensual erotic massage with lots of warm oil probably is most pleasurable with only few or no clothes on at all. But this really depends on you and what level of clothing you feel most comfortable with. When giving a massage, you may want to use your forearms and your chest and other body parts as well to give pleasure to your partner, so being lightly dressed or even completely naked is definitively an option – but not a must. By trend, most people feel comfortable as we put a lot of focus on creating a safe, inclusive space free of body shaming and other unnecessary habits.


What does „erotic“ mean exactly? Will there be live sex?
If you define „sex“ or „erotic“ as PIV (Penis In Vagina), the answer is NO. If you support a wider definition of sex (e.g. that if something turns you on, it is erotic/sexy and thus sex already) then the answer is MAYBE. To be more precise, this is not a live porn workshop. However, for many people, giving or receiving tender, conscious touch can be a huge turn on.


Do people have orgasm in your workshop?
Yes, orgasms do happen from time to time (hurray!) – but we don’t seek them, as much as we don’t restrict them. Most people probably walk out without having had orgasms (hurray too!) and this is all perfectly fine. However, we believe that by becoming more aware of their body, by using breath, movement and sound to steer their energy level (which is part of our curriculum), people over time enlarge their capacity for orgasms (HURRAY!!).


Can I drop out if I don’t like it or if it gets too much for me?
Yes. We care a lot about self care, and nobody will make you stay if you don’t feel like it.


Do we have to be a romantic couple?
Well, why not. Most participants probably are. Although you clearly don’t have to be in a romantic couple in the classical sense of the term. Maybe you want to come with an intimate friend, a lover, a new date, etc.


Can I bring my toys?
Yes! The workshop offers space to use your toys. However, a lungi or sarong will do the trick for most people. Also, it is important to note that the idea is to focus on your quality of touch rather than toys.


What oil works best?
We like coconut oil. However, some folks hate it. So bring what you like. Baby oil works well too. For the intimate massage, a silicone-based lubricant works best, as its lubrification feature lasts almost forever.


I usually get cold feet during a massage. What can I do?
Keep wearing your socks (sexy 🙂 ) or bring an electrified heating blanket (it costs about CHF 70.- and is the secret weapon of many erotic masseurs and masseuses).


What other questions do you have in mind?
We are more than happy to answer your questions. Drop us an email