Do you love kissing and want to dive deeper into it? Or do you have no clue why people are so keen on this, but you are willing to give it another try? Do you kiss as a habit, but feel, like there could be more to explore? Did you once upon a time meet this fantastic kissing match and dream about it ever since? Or do you partner and you don‘t feel „kissing compatible“?

This workshop is for you!


When we kiss, we get in contact with each other, we communicate desire and shyness, we learn and explore about the other one, we show ourselves, we demand and surrender. Sometimes we are almost having great sex with only our lips.


But whether kissing is nice or not is not only a coincidence! In this workshop we will explore different qualities and ways of kissing. You will find out more about how you like to kiss and how you like to be kissed. You will also learn more about kissing as a way of communication.


So in this workshop we will kiss. A lot. Strangers, friends and loved ones. All of this strictly voluntarily, of course! Be prepared to feel awkward, curious and horny and also have a lot of fun!


Technicalities: Brush your teeth and floss before the workshop and drink a good amount of water on that day. If you feel, kissing somebody of your own gender is absolutely no option, this workshop is not for you. Other than that, all levels of experience, braveness and shyness are welcome, just like every body*.


*Unfortunately, the workshop room can only be reached by stairs. If you are with a wheelchair or needing help with the stairs, let us know and we will find the best solution together. There is a spacious toilet, but the door has a standard width.


Joris Kern is a workshop facilitator and educator in the field of consensual sexuality since 2009 and also a mediator. Joris loves good kissing and is excited to share and spread this joy.


Date and Time
04.10.24 | 19-22


CHF 45


This workshop will take place in Zurich. The address will be sent to you when your registration is complete.


The workshop will be conducted in German and/or English as required.


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