Community Events

Zwischenwelten Community Events are regular meetups organised by the community for the community. It differs from our other events, because they are peer to peer events and not taught by experts in the field. Due to this reason, we require you to have basic knowledge around consent and already be connected to the community. You are also open to actively contribute to the event. You address discomfort and boundary violation and actively try to create a positive group environment.


You have read our agreements and glossary AND can meet one of the 3 criteria:
1) You have been to an event or open house.
2) You know somebody who can take you along to the event and support you.
3 ) You apply for this event by mail or whatsapp voice memo 0795505317 (under 7 minutes) and answer the following questions

  • Please tell us about yourself in two to three sentences.
  • How did you learn about Zwischenwelten? Do you know people in the Community?
  • Have you read our Rules and Values? Do you feel comfortable setting boundaries and coming to us if something feels/felt uncomfortable?
  • What would you like to experience with. us? Is there anything you need from the community or us as organizers?
  • What would you like to contribute to the community?


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Playfight


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Neuro Dive


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Ritual Play


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Ritual Play


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Playfight


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Neuro Dive


Zwischenwelten Community Event: Playfight