Relationship Anarchist, Unicorn and cofounder of Zwischenwelten. Deeply fascinated about physical touch, people’s body’s and energy exchange between human beings. I am on a neverending journey through the wonderful worlds of sexuality and passion. My biggest interests are BDSM, alternative forms of relationships and spirituality – the powerfull energies and the great opportunities for personal development fascinates me the most. I love to create spaces where people can get to know themselves and their own sexuality and grow their selfawareness.




I am a professional bodyworker and the cofounder of Zwischenwelten. I am deeply committed to trying to bring more self-acceptance, pleasure and love to the world with my work. Sexuality, ropes, BDSM and erotic massages are some of my central passions in life. It never ceases to amaze me, how much healing and creativity hides behind our sexuality and how much different forms of physical touch can effect our states of being.


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