Values for all Zwischenwelten Events

During our events, you will be responsible for yourself in all aspects- emotional, spiritual and physical. Please take good care of yourself and don’t cross your own boundries and don’t let anyone else do this either.


• Never “tolerate” touch, interactions or play.
• Only do things that make you happy.
• There is no harm in saying no.
• Challenge yourself and dare to say “yes” to those things you do want.
• If you are bored, ask yourself how you can make yourself less bored and go do it.
• Take some risks. Dare to leave your comfort zone when it feels right.
• Vouch for your own sexual safety- please have sexual health and safer sex conversations before engaging in any risky situations and make informed, self-responsible decisions regarding protection.


Our Law of two feet
If you are attending a workshop that you are neither profiting from nor contributing towards, walk away. Whether you are a workshop organizer or participant.


Responsibility towards others
Sometimes it is easier to stand in for others than yourself. Even though we hope that everyone will be following the rule about self responsibility, keep your eyes and heart open for others. See somebody looking uncomfortable? Go ask them if they are ok, offer a hug and try to include people. If you see something that does not look consensual, speak up. If you are unsure, go ask a third part. Let’s take care of each other.


Gender/Sexual Orientation
Please be mindful of the fact that not everybody feels comfortable being categorized in a gender binary, or maybe they identify as a different gender than you might expect. The same things goes for sexuality – do not make any assumptions about a person/group’s sexual preferences. Please respect our group’s diversity! If you are unsure, always feel free to ask!


Yes means Yes!
Seek enthusiastic, explicit consent. A “no” definitely means “no” (unless negotiated otherwise), but please also read indifference, passivity or avoidance as “no” as well.


Respect yourself! Don’t feel guilty about turning someone down, seeming boring, or simply being yourself.
Respect others! Respect other people’s boundaries – enter people’s physical and emotional spaces slowly, mindfully and with full consent.
Respect the Venue! Clean up after yourself, if you need help, ask one of the organizers. Don’t forget that our events are collaboration projects so if you have some extra time on your hand, clean up if you see trash lying around.


Please refrain from consuming any alcoholic beverages or any other mind altering substances at our events.
Exceptions for this rule apply to Play Parties and Meet and Greets where alcohol consumption is tolerated in moderation. Please always be aware of the effects of alcohol on your body, perception and abilities. Also, always inform your play partners about your current state and what you have consumed. We reserve the right to exclude any participant who draws negative attention to themself.
Blog post about this topic.


Safer Sex
Please only engage in Safer Sex practices. We recommend: Getting or having a current STI screening, communication, condoms (on genitals and on toys), gloves, disinfectant, not switching sexual partners without changing condoms/gloves/washing. Get informed on risks in advance.
The responsibility lies with you.


The general safeword during our events is called “Mayday”.
If you hear somebody using the safeword and the scene is not going to stop immediately go speak up. if you are not able to do so ask other people for help.


Your registration to an event is binding!

  • We ask you to sign up for an event as soon as possible so we can book our venues and presenters as soon as possible.
  • Your place is only secured once your payment has been received.
  • Fees to be paid after receipt.



  • You receive a full refund if you cancel your place one month in advance of the event.
  • You receive a 50% refund if you cancel your place more than two weeks in advance of the event.
  • If you cancel at a later point, we will keep 80% of the registration fee.
  • No-show: we keep 100% of the registration fee .
  • If you can find somebody who can take your place at the course* instead, we only will charge a small processing fee.
  • Cash payments at the event and delayed payments after the event receive a 10CHF processing fee.
  • Cancellations from our side result in a full reimbursement of the event fees. No other claims are permissible.


*This does not count for the Unconference and other potential future events which include a rigorous application process.


Minimum age
18 years


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