Arcane Play: The Wonders of Caning

Canes range amongst the most creative and versatile BDSM tools. Good canes, thanks to their controllability, can impart sensations that range from a butterfly’s caress to the sting of a dragon tail and allow for myriads of different types of play over different parts of the body. They can act as a conduit of energy between two people, offer an intense type of massage, they can relax or arouse and even give intense genital stimulation.


Even when harsh, caning sessions are not mere mechanical beatings. They are subtle and multidimensional journeys, which can involve a deep connection between the handler and the receiver. The handler must know how to read the receiver and communicate as well as have certain technical and structural skills. The receiver should be self-aware, versed in various breathing and pain management-techniques and able to verbally and non-verbally communicate physical states and boundaries.


The present workshop is designed to better understand, appreciate and use this apparently simple tool hiding wonders of potentialities. It will focus on the use of rattan canes, which offer the most variety of uses and allow for the best connection between handlers and receivers.


What will the Workshop include?

  • Discussing representations and direct experiences of the participants
  • Learning what makes a good cane, and what doesn’t
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Maintenance and care
  • Mapping the “caning body”
  • Exploring different dimensions of caning play: sensuality, massaging, energy, tool for D/s dynamics, painplay, etc.
  • Guided practice of caning with different purposes, from the softer to the harsher (for those who enjoy the latter).
  • There will be lots of practice, and personalized tips to keep progressing beyond the workshop
  • Discussing and understanding the respective inner journeys : the subjective and relative experiences of handlers and receivers, before, during, and after a session.
  • Envisioning the possible dramaturgy of caning sessions of different nature, purpose and intensity.
  • An open play time to integrate the contents of the workshop and socialize.


Who is this workshop designed for?

  • Beginners (no experience but the wish to explore) and intermediate practitioners
  • Pairs, groups or individuals
  • This course welcomes people of all genders and of any sexual orientation. If you’re not open to engaging in an exchange with people across the gender and sexuality spectrum, we suggest that you sign up with someone who matches your preferences.
  • For people joining as individuals, we recommend a willingness to switch roles with your assigned partner. If you aren’t, let us know in which role (handler or receiver) you would like to participate and we may be able to pair you up.


The workshop will cover the beautiful versatility of cane uses, including pleasuring and massaging, but also of course the more intense uses. It is therefore intended for people being comfortable around genuine BDSM practices.


Who is giving the workshop?
Anam is an academic and artist and develops a few passions beyond his work, like yoga, and bdsm, which he has been practicing for 30 years. In the 2000s, he set up a kink-positive resource center, community hub, fetish clothing design and bdsm tools workshop, which he co-ran for a few years in the Netherlands. Anam gave his first caning workshops in 2006. Since around that time, he has been collaborating with a friend, fellow kinkster and remarkable wood worker on their quest to create the “perfect canes”, in regards to usability, longevity and sustainability. Some people can’t help needing a holy grail quest in their lives, it seems.


Date & Time | Cost
19.06.24 | 13 – 19 | CHF 120
19.30- 21.30 Open Impact Jam (Free for all participants of the Workshop)


CHF 120


The workshop will be given in English. Possible to ask questions, and discuss individually or in small groups in French and German.


This workshop will take place in Zurich. The address will be sent to you when your registration is complete.

Please read thoroughly Zwischenwelten’s values before registering.


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