QueerNest is an experimental space where you have the opportunity to encounter other beings in a playful and friendly atmosphere. You are invited to relax, connect with yourself and others through mindful touch. Celebrate diversity and inclusion with us and encounter other people from the LGBTQIA+ community as we guide you through various exercises.


Discover your ability to show affection and let as much intimicy develop as you like, without becoming sexual. Let go of your insecurities and consciously experiment with closeness and distance, setting you boundaries. Be courageous and authentic!


Gastgeber an diesem Abend sind Sidonia und Julian!
Sidonia und Julian sind beide Bodyworker aus Zürich. Sie organisieren regelmässig Workshops zu den Themen Sexualität und Körperarbeit und schaffen Räume für die unterschiedlichsten Arten der Begegnung.



Who is welcome?
People of all ages (16+), genders and sexual orientations are welcome!


Please bring
Comfortable clothes (without belts, rivets etc.,) warm socks & sweaters.


Date and Time
Friday 16.10.20 | 19-22 Uhr | Facebook Event


Teilnahme auf Spendenbasis CHF 15 – 40


No registration required. Just come as you are!


Serratus, Zwinglistrasse 40, 8004 Zürich