Erotic massage Introduction class

Erotic massage rituals with penis & vulva massages
with Romaine und Sidonia


Massage rituals can help us to come out of our head and start feeling our body. It allows us to simply be and opens up a space for us to explore new sensations.


In a conscious ritual, we will learn to touch the entire body in a sensual and nourishing way. Within this safe space, you will be invited to dive deep into the relaxation and the pleasure that meditative and repetitive touch can offer, whether you’re giving or receiving the massage.


We will start the day by getting to know each other, as well as feeling into our desires, boundaries and needs, as this is essential to create a safe container and be able to fully appreciate the massage. Communication is key, and you will be encouraged to share how you want and don’t want your body to be touched.


The course is aimed to people that are interested in learning tantra massages or intimate massages. The intimate massage of the penis and vulva will be included in this class, and therefore nudity will be part of the day. You can however also enjoy the massage in your underwear (some strokes can also be done with underwear on), but simply be aware that they will be other people that will choose to be naked.


This is a class where gender balance is not our goal. Everyone is welcome and we ask you to be open to share the massage with a person, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. This will be a great opportunity to state your desires and your boundaries. If you feel it is important for you to share the massage with a person of a certain gender or sexual orientation, we suggest you register together with a partner.


Illustration Leila Merkofer



Sunday 22.11.20




CHF 180*


*there is a possibility of receiving a reduced entrance for 1-2 people with limited income, willing to work as an assistant (more infos upon request)




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