Erotic Salon: TOUCH

Our post-pandemic world will never go “back” to normal. Time moves forward and carries us with it. Many of the things that we considered normal just a few months ago have disappeared and may be gone forever. The handshake, the hug and even the social kiss on the cheek have all been kicked to the curb as possible routes of viral infection. The practices of social distancing and scrupulous hand washing have taught us to avoid physical contact at all cost. This loss of easy connection leaves us with confusion and a subtle sadness.


How can we move from an attitude of fear and dread into a future that is open and loving? How can we reactivate our erotic juices? How can we reconnect with lovers and friends and do so with confidence? Believe it or not, we do have a future together. How do we get there?


Lets make that future a path of BLISS. The joy of connection will be birthed out of our courage, authenticity, and heart-centeredness. Do you have an evolutionary strategy for your next phase of personal interaction? Are you prepared for a life of connection in this chaotic and unpredictable post-Corona world? Do you need some support in finding a new way in these uncharted waters?


Let’s start the journey together. Let’s travel the path with a fresh approach to authentic connection that includes safety as well as intimacy.


This Erotic Salon is dedicated to a better understanding of the energetics of human TOUCH. There will be space for learning, sharing, coaching, exercises, plenty of laughter and a nice cool drink from the bar.


We suggest you reserve early. The Erotic Salon fills up fast.


The lecture will take place in English.


Date & Time
Thursday 20.05.21 | 19 – 22


This workshop will take place in Zurich. The address will be sent to you when your registration is complete.


CHF 30




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Overview Erotic Salon.


The internationally known sex educator Maggie Tapert has been leading her own brand of unique seminars and workshops for more than twenty years. Her pioneering work in the field of female sexuality is rooted in a profound focus on feminine pleasure and desire. Maggie Tapert was born in the USA and spent most of her adult life in Switzerland. She is mother, grandmother and has a private practice for coaching and mentoring in Zurich. Her autobiography, PLEASURE was first published in 2012 by Südwest Verlag and went into a second printing in 2019.