Kinky Spielrituale in Gruppen – BDSM Spielworkshop

This evening workshop is for people who want to explore BDSM play in groups. In a professionally equipped BDSM playspace, we will provide you with theoretical, technical and communicative tools that can enrich your play. We will do exercises that help you build connections with each other, feel yourselves and your counterparts, get into a creative flow and forget everyday life. These exercises are intended to enable you to have fun and enjoy playing.


The aim is for us to grow as a group and deepen our BDSM practices. The space is also open for practical solution sharing and exploring together. We want to build trust and relationships that will allow us to create a safer space.


It is important to keep in mind that when we play in groups, your desires and fantasies may not be fulfilled immediately, it may happen the next time or it may even take several gatherings. It is crucial to know that we need flexibility and trust in our play partners and play relationships so that we dare to dive deep into the play and stay present, even if the situation is not only pleasant. It is about being brave and being willing to vocalise the unpleasant. It’s about learning from each other through conversation and finding solutions as a team. It is about being empathetic, setting boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. Our approach is: to use the ‘negative experience’ as an opportunity to dive even deeper, to get to know yourself and the other person even more.


Wer leitet diesen Workshop?
The workshop will be led by Miss Juli and Sidonia.


Date & Time
11.03.23 | 14 – 22:30


CHF210per person




Who is this workshop for?
For individuals, couples, triads or groups of friends who are interested in playing in groups and want to get new experiences and deepen techniques in the field of BDSM.
To what extent you participate in the plays and with whom you play is always up to you. A basic openness to share intimacy with people of all sexual orientations and the entire gender spectrum is desired for the group dynamic.


250m2 BDSM play oasis in Uster