We receive contradicting messages when it comes to our vulva. We are told it is beautiful, a symbol of strength or even defiance. At the same time many of us have internalised negative messages throughout our lives, from friends, lovers, the media and societal norms.


Loving your vulva is not an easy journey. But is it a path that you would like to travel?


This one-day workshop is meant to give you space to explore your relationship with your vulva. You will get the chance to connect with your emotions and associations with the topic of your vulva and gender and discuss it in small groups. You will practice downregulating yourself during stress, in order to better navigate your emotions throughout the course and in the outside world. We will also create opportunities for you to engage in self-touch, look at your vulva or possibly show them to others in a safe container. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, and you can stay clothed during the whole workshop if you want. The same benefits will be there for you, simply because that will be where you’re at, and part of the journey is to listen to your boundaries and your needs. Just note that some people might choose to be naked in the room and therefore, nudity may be part of this workshop.


There will be no touching between people in this workshop and we will ensure that the safety measures (distance, disinfection, etc.) will be respected. We will keep ourselves informed and keep you updated about the situation.


Who is it for?
We welcome adults (18+) with an open & respectful attitude and who want to explore and nourish their relationship with their vulva*, and share authentic interactions with other people that also fit this description.


*Inclusion is very important to us and we would like to In the process of reflecting about this topic we . So we leave it to you: if you want to create a relationship with your vulva*, because the term vulva resonates with your own personal story, identity and/or body, and you feel you could benefit from this class for your own personal development, growth and well-being, then we’re happy to welcome you. If you’re not sure that this class is for you, contact us, we’re happy to discuss it with you.


Big happy healing cunt by Talaya Schmid


Who are we?

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