The Salon: Flirting and Cruising

An inviting look across a crowded room, a sweet smile directed at a stranger on the cross-town bus, a warm greeting in the lift that holds a subtle hint of more to come — these are some of the interactions that communicate to another that you feel a certain pull of attraction. In the February Erotic Salon you will discover for yourself a vast repertoire of natural sensualities that we call flirting.


But when does flirting become more like cruising*?


While flirting is a combination of eye contact, words and perhaps a bit of subtle physical contact – cruising is far more direct. Cruising clearly signals erotic interest and is intended to seduce a potential partner into some sort of sexual interaction. Flirting and Cruising are two distinctly different approaches and your intention will make all the difference. Learning how to translate your intention into appropriate actions will improve your ability to connect with the object of your desire.


Do I have an inner resistance that prevents me from flirting? How can I overcome my fear of rejection? Is my flirt technique sometimes too much (or too little) or in some way inappropriate? Do I know how to stay within the bounds of clear consent? And how is my flirt technique perceived by others?


Maggie Tapert and gay Bodyworker Julian Martin are putting together this next Erotic Salon that will include information, discussion, sharing and practical exercises to help you better understand and embrace the subtle art of Flirting.


The Workshop is going to be held in german and english.


*Cruising is a contact form that comes from the gay scene. Gay men meet in certain locations (cruising places like parks, woods, toilets, gay saunas or sex clubs) specifically to have sex. Typical behavior is the non-verbal and rather physical communication.




Overview Erotic Salon.


Who’s leading the Erotic Salon?
The Sexpert Maggie Tapert and the gay Bodyworker Julian Martin are joining forces to create this next Erotic Salon. The evening will include open discussions and practical exercises to better help participants improve their ability to flirt more effectively. This is an evening of learning, sharing and discovering what it takes to flirt successfully. Flirting = lustful interactions in our everyday life. Let’s turn up the heat and look at that together!


Date & Time
Thursday 06.02.20 | 19 – 22


This workshop will take place in Zurich. The address will be sent to you when your registration is complete.


Donation based | Sliding Scale 20 – 40 CHF




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