Are you a sub? Do you identify as sexually submissive – always, sometime, never? When does it feel appropriate for you (or your partner) to surrender sexually? Are submission and surrender the same thing? What role does your gender or your sexual orientation play in how you identify?


Many women (and a few men) identify as sexually submissive. There is a world of difference between the kind of submission that one consciously choses in a consensual BDSM context and the automatic submission that many of us experience in today’s world of straight, white heterosexuality. If we surrender during penetrative sex, does that mean that we are automatically a sub?


Patriarchy assigns us some very limiting gendered roles and programms us accordingly. For some of us, the programming that we received turned out to be a farce, a joke, a corset that could never fit our growing and expanding sense of self. In the sex-negative culture in which most of us were raised, for a man to openly identify as submissive requires an extra dose of courage, commitment and self-knowledge.


For pussy owners by contrast, it is just the opposite. Sexual surrender to the more dominant sexual partner seems to go without saying and is consequently seldom called into question. For many of us, there is no possibility to investigate whether our orientation is appropriate or if perhaps there could be something more.


We gain a lot of stability by consciously giving permission for both our Yin (submissive) and Yang (dominant) aspects to develop and evolve. We are multidimensional beings and never just one thing. Understanding and providing space for the many variations within the sexual self will lead to a more balanced and creative dance through life. Our happiness is rooted in honoring all that we are as members of the human race.


Surrendering to the variations that life provides will bring about profound transformation. Join me for this Salon as we uncover a better understanding of submission in our individual lives.


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Donnerstag 24.03.22 | 19 – 22


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Overview Erotic Salon.


Wer leitet diesen Erotic Salon?
Die international bekannte Sexologin Maggie Tapert leitet seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren einzigartige Seminare und Workshops. Ihre Pionierarbeit auf dem Gebiet der weiblichen Sexualität basiert auf einem tiefen Fokus auf weiblichem Vergnügen und Verlangen. Maggie Tapert wurde in den USA geboren und verbrachte den größten Teil ihres Erwachsenenlebens in der Schweiz. Sie ist Mutter, Großmutter und hat eine Privatpraxis für Coaching und Mentoring in Zürich. Ihre erotische Erinnerung „PLEASURE Bekenntnisse einer sexuellen Frau“ erschien 2012 im Südwest Verlag und wurde im Juni 2019 neu aufgelegt.