Erotic Salon: Queen

Are you still waiting for the proverbial prince to awaken you with a kiss?
Is it time to let go of the outdated submissive princess role that still wins you approval from the outside world?
Are ready to awaken your inner Queen and begin a self-directed erotically charged life of bliss?


I invite you to live your Queenship. Beyond all the existing forms of sexual and sensual play, the embrace of female power is the ultimate path to sexual maturity. This journey may look different for each of us but the Queen symbolizes the integration of the divine feminine in a broken world. Worthy of honor and respect, the Queen is an archetype of compassionate power that leads with love. Pleasure is her sword and shield.


Finding the courage and integrating this energy is the ultimate path to sexual empowerment. Embodied, she makes real a life of sensual pleasure and passionate delight – of which the princess can only dream.

This is an evening for people of all orientations. Whether you are an awakening Queen or one who longs to serve her, come join us in the Salon for this delicious celebration of the feminine.


Reserve early. The Salon fills up fast.
The lecture will take place in English.


Date & Time
Thursday 14.11.24 | 19 – 22


This workshop will take place in Zurich. The address will be sent to you when your registration is complete.


CHF 30



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Overview Erotic Salon.


The internationally known sex educator Maggie Tapert has been leading her own brand of unique seminars and workshops for more than twenty years. Her pioneering work in the field of female sexuality is rooted in a profound focus on feminine pleasure and desire. Maggie Tapert was born in the USA and spent most of her adult life in Switzerland. She is mother, grandmother and has a private practice for coaching and mentoring in Zurich. Her autobiography, PLEASURE was first published in 2012 by Südwest Verlag and went into a second printing in 2019.