Zwischenwelten Play Party 08.08.20

Sex – Intimacy – BDSM – Tantra – Bodywork – Alternative Lifestyles – Spirituality


Zwischenwelten Events are sex-positive collaboration project for people who want to explore, connect and share on a vast area of topics regarding human sexuality, relationships and self-awareness. Join us for a night of discovery, fun and connection. People of all backgrounds and experience-levels are welcome. We are seeking participants of all sexual orientations and genders.




17.00 – 19.30
Make Your own Flogger (aus Paracord) mit Anleitung zum Floggen, ruhiger Austausch, Ankommen, Umziehen


19.30. – 20.00
Doors Open, no entry after 20.00


20.00 – 20.20
Offizielle Begrüssung, Einführung, Ideensammlung


20.20 – 01.00
Freies Reden, Spielen, Tanzen, Lachen – fühlt euch frei zu tun was immer ihr möchtet!


Weitere Angebote / Stundenpläne entstehen je nach Anmeldungen / Angebote


Eintritt 80.- (100.- Gönnerplätze / reduzierte Plätze für Wenigverdienende auf Anfrage)
Material Flogger 20.- (bitte lass uns in der Anmeldung wissen, ob du dabei bist!)


Please carefully read our Values and please do not join our events if you do not agree with them.


To register, please email by April 26 to
Tell us something about yourself and what you would like to contribute to this party (cake, workshops, your charm, toys, your curiosity etc.).


Bring the materials you might need at the party with you. Information about that you can find here.


We are looking forward to our second meeting between the worlds. See you soon!