Unconference Information

The location will be in a beautiful space in central Zurich and the address will be sent to all confirmed participants. Also the address of the bar we meet on Friday will be sent to all confirmed participants.


CHF 190


There will be a warm vegan dinner served in the evening. Water and tea will be available. Please bring whatever snacks and drinks you might need. We do not recommend that you leave the premises during the workshop.


On Saturday if you want to sleep at the Studio, you can bring a sleeping bag and stay overnight. There is a shower there.


Dress Code
However you feel the most comfortable. We recommend something comfortable for the day and something colorful, beautiful, magical or wild for the party.


What to bring
Spend some time thinking about what workshops you would like to organize and bring the materials you might need for that.
Also recommended:
• a Blanket
• 1-2 towels
• blindfolds
• water-based lubricant
• your favorite toys
• safer sex materials
• desinfection
• Dress up material for the party
• bring your own cup for coffee/tea
• Water bottle


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