Day 2

Today we present you with a wonderful guided hypnosis journey.


Hypnosis is about getting into an altered state of being. We have all experienced being in a state of trance through various practices. For instance: meditation, good sex or BDSM play, being in flow, etc. This time we will begin with a breathing exercise and then we’ll enjoy the moment of bliss in relaxation. Afterwards we embark on the journey of reflecting on things to let go of in our lives and finally exploring what we wish to welcome more of in our lives anchoring the newly made brain connections and at last slowly coming out of the experience. This hypnosis journey takes a bit over 20 minutes.


Link to hypnosis file


About Juli
I’m a professional dominatrix & erotic masseur. In my work style I combine my knowledge and love for BDSM, sensuality, clarity and awareness of the present moment in the body and of the space I’m holding. Creative expression and finding new ways to merge my talents in activities as a hobby or on a professional level is what keeps me thriving. You might have seen me perform or dj at kinky and sex positive events or as an assistant, (or co-host lately) at some Zwischenwelten events too. I value being part of a community that is actively putting out quality content and events to help each member along their path of self-discovery. I am grateful for our wonderful Zwischenwelten community and platform to co-evolve together!




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