Unconference Registration

No matter what your experience level or background is, please do not hesitate to apply – be it your shyness, quirkiness, curiosity or playfulness – everybody has something valuable to bring to the table and if you are questioning yourself let us tell you: if you want to come, you probably are the right person!


To register, please email sidonia@zwischenwelten.ch


Please answer to the following three questions:


1) Describe yourself in 2-3 sentences.
2) What do you wish to gain from visiting the Unconference? (Examples: Meet new people, expand your own sexuality, etc.).
3) What would you like to contribute to the Unconference? (Examples: Bake a cake, guide a workshop, ask many questions, support other members, lead a discussion round, etc.).


Also tell us your Name and a Phone Number where we can reach you.


By registering you agree to our values and conditions.


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